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We are engaging residents to learn more about their composting habits.
Residents of Sea to Sky - help us by completing this short survey.

Welcome to Sea to Sky Composts

This project is a part of the Co-Creating a Sustainable BC initiative led by the Fraser Basin Council Youth Program.


Our vision is to use composting as a tool to build community surrounding environmental issues. By enabling local residents to engage in composting at home, we aim to extend the life of local landfills, as well as reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released by decomposing organic matter. We hope to communicate the importance of composting to local communities, and enable residents to take the issue of organic waste into their own hands.

For us to do this, we need to learn about your composting habits and what helps you or prevents you from composting. Help us by completing this short survey! Please share this survey with your friends too. We particularly want to hear about challenges from people that don’t compost regularly. 

About The Project


Due to the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the tough decision to suspend this educational campaign and interactive booth. However, we are in contact with local community partners who will be utilizing the survey results to better inform their ongoing and important work to reduce organic waste in the community.
Please do fill out the survey!

The project will consist of an educational campaign focused around an interactive booth. The interactive booth will include engaging games, challenges, trivia, and prizes that test participants’ knowledge, engages them in composting actions, provides correct answers to unknown problems, and motivates them to join the movement. Additionally, this booth will serve as an information hub to explain what the composting process is and how it affects climate change, also providing some tips and tricks to best adopt these practices at home. 

Stay tuned for the composting interactive booth event date! We will be sharing dates on our website and through our social media so be sure to follow us here.

We hope to promote composting practices and community building by providing participants the opportunity to pledge their commitment to this cause and share their progress with other community members through social media.

We’re fine-tuning the pledge to incorporate what we hear from you through the survey so please make sure to take the survey and share with your friends. Stay tuned for the pledge!

Co-creating a Sustainable BC is an initiative run by the Fraser Basin Council with the goal of engaging youth in localized climate action.


Co-creating a Sustainable BC is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps program.

Residents of Sea to Sky - help us by completing this short survey!

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Sea-to-Sky-Composts-Youth Participants


Sea-to-Sky-Composts-Youth Participants